Normally, screw conveyor pipe, sleeves and couplings are factory drilled approximately 1/32" oversize.  This is to allow for hole misalignment and to allow bolts to be inserted without damage to the threads.  Since the bolt (actually a driving pin) does not tighten the coupling shaft to the conveyor pipe, this connection becomes loose and causes wear on the conveyor pipe and coupling bolt holes.  HERCULES Fasteners firmly bind conveyor pipe, sleeve and coupling shaft together to eliminate bolt wear and backlash.  Spark hazard is greatly reduced.

Installation Procedure for HERCULES Fasteners

Normal installation requires eight (8) HERCULES Fasteners when connecting two conveyor sections.  If connection is at the end of a flight, only four (4) Fasteners are required.



Remove first coupling bolt from conveyor shaft.  (FIG. 1)  Generally, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire flight except where working space is severely limited.

Insert two (2) opposed HERCULES Fasteners and a new bolt (longer if necessary).  Lightly tighten assembly.  (FIG. 3)  Note that fasteners have a larger out side diameter than the reamer to provide secure fit and further tightening.  REPEAT STEPS 1, 2 & 3 for the companion bolt.  Turn the shaft a few turns and then tighten bolts securely.  This will line up the assembly.  Repeat this entire procedure for the remaining bolts at this coupling connection and the balance of the flight.  TOTAL TIME should not exceed ONE HOUR PER CONNECTION.

STEP 2  (See Table A)

Select the proper size HERCULES Reamer (1/2" for 1/2" bolts).  Using an electric drill or hand ratchet, ream both ends of bolt hole through pipe, sleeve and into coupling deep enough to accept fastener.  (FIG. 2)  The use of cutting oil is recommended.  When initially installed, Fastener should extend 1/4" to  1/2" above the shaft, depending on bolt size, with approximately the same distance of reamed area below the fastener.  This allows for further tightening of bolts as fasteners seat themselves throught use.  It is suggested that Reamer be marked at proper depth to assure uniform installation.  If metal shavings are objectionable, place a small magnet under the work area. 


It is not advisable to ream holes to the full depth of the reamer, except in cases of extremely elongated bolt holes or an extra large diameter conveyor pipe.


 Hercules H/S Steel Reamers:

Recommended Cutting Speeds

SIZE:                 RPM:                    SIZE:                   RPM:

3/8"                160-175                    7/8"                   60-85             

1/2"                110-140                    1.00"                  55-75             

5/8"                  85-115                    1-1/8"                 45-65             

3/4"                 70-100                    1-1/4"                 30-50             

Recommended speeds calculated on 1018 mild steel at 20 surface feet per minute.  Speed and stability of the operation are vital to the efficiency and long life of the reamer.  NOTE:  RPM for larger sizes than shown should be reduced accordingly.



Illustration shows typically worn connection with extensive elongation of bolt holes.  HERCULES Fasteners restored the original strength to all the coupling components and improved performance.


     Sioux Products Company warrants that (1) HERCULES Fasteners supplied pursuant to this agreement are fit and sufficient for the purpose intended and (2) the fasteners are merchantable, of good quality and free from defects, whether patent or latent in material or workmanship.

     Sioux Products Company cannot be responsible for efforts by the buyer or anyone to rebuild or repair these Fasteners outside of Sioux Products Company.  Furthermore, this warranty does not apply where the original Fasteners have been altered so as to in the judgement of Sioux Products Company affect their stability or reliability.

     The warranty shall not apply to any Fasteners subject to misuse due to common negligence or accident, nor to any Fasteners which are not installed in accordance with the printed instructions of seller or which have been placed into use or an atmosphere more suitable to a different Fastener material.

     Unless a statement concerning HERCULES Fasteners is specifically identified as a warranty, the statements made are not warranties and do not form part of the basis of the bargain but are merely made in the course of the negotiations of the parties. 

Consequential Damages - This warranty does not cover consequential damage, and the liability of Sioux Products Company is limited to the replacement of Fasteners in accordance with the stipulations contained in this warranty or to refunding the full purchase price to buyer.  Sioux Products Company cannot for example, be held responsible for defects in bolts or other trade accessories which fail and produce consequential damages.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Third Parties - Fasteners purchased under this agreement shall be used exclusively by buyers (not to include distributors) and by no other person, and therefore shall be no third party beneficiary to the express or implied warranties contained in this agreement. Sioux Products Company cannot for example be held responsible for Fasteners in conveyors or machinery which are disassembled and sold to third parties.  Nor does this warranty extend to any such product liability claims or similarly related claims for damages. 

Refunds, Returns or Replacements - The obligation of Sioux Products Company shall be limited to replacement of unsuitable Fasteners or to a refund of the buyer's full purchase price.  To proceed under this warranty, buyer must submit a letter detailing the problem to:  Sioux Products Company,  Consumer Relations Department, 136 Lazy Lane, Hot Springs, AR 71913. 

DO NOT RETURN FASTENERS UNTIL AUTHORIZED TO DO SO.  All Claims will be initially processed within 30 days and if found to be warranted, will be satisfied by refund or replacement at the option of the customer, when an inventory or replacement parts is available.  In the event of receiving instructions to return some or all of the Fasteners, buyer shall send them prepaid as per instructions and replacements will be sent prepaid by Sioux Products Company.



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